ACR prosthetic hand control systems use pattern recognition technology to discriminate between the “shape” of different patterns detected from electrodes sited on the stump. The patterns are independent of the strength of the signal and therefore require low levels of cognitive effort. Each system is trained to recognise the specific pattern of individual users, and signal strength is employed to provide proportional control of hand speed.

The Single Electrode System

A pattern recognition control system that operates from a single electrode for voluntary proportional open and close hand actions.

Single Electrode System

Two training patterns from a single electrode

The Dual Electrode System

A pattern recognition control system that operates from two electrodes for voluntary proportional open and close hand actions together with voluntary proportional wrist rotation in both directions or alternatively four distinct actions from a multi-articulated compliant hand.

Dual Electrode System

Four training patterns from two electrodes

In addition ACR can provide a controller with conventional control algorithms.

Advantages of ACR Pattern Recognition Controllers

• Multiple actions obtained from either one or two electrodes without the need for co-contraction or other mode changes.
• Low cognitive effort by the user ensures easy use.
• Full proportional control on all actions.

Clinical Software

The ACR clinical software sits on a laptop or PC and is connected to the controller via an opto-isolated serial interface unit. The software has been designed for ease of use by the prosthetist.

Once the suitable patterns have been saved the system is programmed in a matter of seconds to recognise them. A simulation mode allows the user to practice on the system and can see at a glance how close their real-time patterns match the training data and when recognition is achieved.

The simple tool allows the prosthetist to ascertain the suitability of the patient to use this technology prior to purchase of the prosthetic hardware.

Clinical Software
Pattern recognition simulation


The ACR controllers require specially designed and developed ACR electrode(s) to be fitted.